Jana and Ron Holland

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“At SWAT Fitness in Tucson, we have been doing kettlebells classes for over 9 months at our 2 Tucson Arizona personal training and fitness studios. Since starting with kettlebells, our trainers have been trained by various instructors from RKC, which has been both instructional and beneficial to our Kombat Kettlebells classes. When we attended Steve Cotter’s IKFF certification, however, our eyes were opened.

We received much more than kettlebell technique and instructional methods during the IKFF program. Steve and his team provided not only kettlebell foundational instruction, but also valuable programming, progressions and demonstrations which have improved our own technique as trainers, which translate into improved programming for our Kombat Kettlebells program. Steve’s attention to individual form (and his personal traits) makes him a person we greatly respect and value. Steve and his team are an exceptional resource for instruction, programming, methodology and technique.

We are proud to be supporters of IKFF and endorse Steve Cotter and his team as some of the best resources available for kettlebell instruction in the U.S.”