Jan Bohrmann

Jan Bohrmann

Location: Frankfurt am Main / Germany

E-Mail: jb@corpusmaximus.de
Website: www.corpusmaximus.de

Qualification: CKT-1, A-License Fitnesstrainer, Trainer for sportrehabilitation, Bodytrainer for athletic performace, Fitnessfachwirt.

Jan Bohrmann is a personal trainer who made his hobby to his profession. He has many years of coaching experience in strength and endurance training, bodyworkout and core training.
He is focused on functional strength training, Kettlebell training for newcomers and athletes, regardless of age and prior knowledge.
Currently, he is about to open a Kettlebell Gym in the the area around Frankfurt am Main.
His courses and personal trainings take place outdoors in gyms and soon also in his future-gym.

“Never compare yourself with others, just be the best you, you can be”