Jamie Lloyd

Jamie Lloyd

Location: London, England

E-Mail: jamie@russiankettlebellsuk.com
Website: www.russiankettlebellsuk.com (currently being updated!)


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Jamie Lloyd is the Director of Russian Kettlebells UK, a full time Firefighter and is also the creator of the KettleFIT training system.  Jamie is a strength coach, in addition to being a kettlebell instructor to many athletes; he continues to be one of the most qualified and experienced Kettlebell Coaches in the UK.  Jamie has been at the forefront of the UK health and fitness industry for over 7 years; holds certifications from some of the most prestigious personal training, sports medicine and therapy academies around the world.  Jamie combines his knowledge and experience as Strength and Kettlebell Coach with over 20 years of personal experience of intensive physical training from rugby union, martial arts, soccer, mountain biking, running, triathlons, decathlons and endurance events.

Jamie has a reputation for being an inspirational and passionate teacher of Kettlebells and is a qualified CKT and RKC and is a proud member of the IKKF (The International Kettlebell Fitness Federation) which is recognized as a world class kettlebell qualification.

Jamie’s mission is two fold: to help you and your body become more efficient for the challenges of everyday life and help you become efficient in Kettlebell Training. This vision provides the very best in strength and conditioning coaching to individuals who are passionate about reaching their goals.

Jamie is based in London and welcomes anyone who is interested in perfecting their Kettlebell technique and anyone who wishes to take their training one step further through personal training or even with Jamie’s very own KettleFIT classes.