Jaen Fabrice

Jaen Fabrice

Location: Nice, France

E-Mail: bodhitop@wanadoo.fr
Website: www.bodhitop.com


Jaen Fabrice owner of Boditop Fitness Centre in Nice, France; Jaen is a well versed fitness professional providing cutting edge physical training for clients to achieve weight loss and fitness goals. Jaen’s training philosophy is called ABC (Athletic Bodhitop Concept) clients never know what they will do in training, as its change daily so each person will have to adapt at the demand. Our clients are faces with the challenges of kettlebells and bodyweight exercises.

Jaen has been practicing Kettlebells for 3 years, he created a Fitness class concept with light bells 18 months ago; which can be viewed on YouTube — kettlebells bodhitop. Boditop Fitness Centre has hosted Jujitsu Kettlebell seminars and is host to Steve Cotter workshops in France.