Jacqui Etheridge

Jacqui Etheridge

Location: Portland, CT 06480

E-Mail: jacqui@kickinasfitness.com
Website: www.kickinasfitness.com
Telephone: (860)202-2323


Jacqui is a Martial Artist, personal trainer, and IKFF kettlebell teacher who likes to have fun when working with her clients.  There is nothing worse than dreading workout time; Jacqui likes to provide a great workout and have clients leave with a smile.  She teaches fitness kickboxing classes and group kettlebell classes at her studio, as well as in-home personal training.

Terri competed as a professional in her weight class using a 16 kg kettlebell and Tyler competed as a youth amateur, also using the 16 kg kettlebell.  Both brought home gold medals in their class!