Jacqueline Hooton

Jacqueline Hooton

Location: Bognor Regis, West Sussex, England

Email: info@jacquelinehooton.co.uk
Website: www.jacquelinehooton.co.uk

Jacqueline’s interest in health and fitness began as an Antenatal Teacher for the National Childbirth Trust 20 years ago. This background in childbirth education acted as a catalyst for a career in the fitness industry which she has been working in for the past 8 years. Jacqueline has a special interest in the health benefits of regular exercise and works closely with other professionals such as, GP’s, health visitors, physiotherapists etc to promote healthy lifestyle choices. She has extensive experience in Exercise Referral (clients whose medical conditions require close monitoring whilst exercising) and Pre and Post Natal Fitness.

Jacqueline juggles her personal training business, kettlebell coaching and group fitness classes alongside raising her family of five children and her own athletic training. As a keen runner, and with a background in health education, Jacqueline believes in integrated approaches to training in order to optimize mental and physical health. She appreciates and understands the challenges that face today’s busy clients of working, meeting family commitments and finding time to exercise. Which is why she became interested in kettlebell training and its ability to hit all elements of fitness in one, time efficient, session.

Jacqueline now incorporates kettlebell coaching alongside a variety of other training methods with her clients. One of the biggest bonuses Jacqueline has discovered working with kettlebells is that clients really enjoy using them “Everyone loves working out with kettlebells, whether its someone new to exercise or an avid athlete they all tell me they love working out with kettlebells” she says “Its such a dynamic form of training, you can’t possibly get bored, they are incredibly addictive!”