Isidoro Nieves

Isidoro Nieves

Location: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Telephone: (939) 630-4527


Isidoro is the first IKFF CKT in Puerto Rico. My goal is to promote the use of kettlebells and start a fitness revolution in Puerto Rico. Isidoro has 34 years experience in martial arts and fitness, 2nd degree black belt in Okinawan Kempo Karate, 6th degree in GoJu Ryu karate and 2nd degree in Seibukan JuJutsu. Currently, he is teaching karate for kids, private self defense for adults, group kettlebell and kickboxing classes for teenagers and adult population in Guaynabo Puerto Rico.

Isidoro likes to help people in poor physical condition to get in the best shape of their life in order to have a better quality of life. In addition, Mr. Nieves helps athletes in every discipline to improve their performance.

Isidoro never stops learning about fitness and is truly convinced that kettlebells are the best tool for fitness conditioning.


IKFF – Certified Kettlebell Teacher Level 1

ISKA – Certified Kickboxing for fitness instructor

IFA – Senior Fitness trainer