IKFF Certified Movement Specialist


We are excited to announce the launch of our Certified Movement Specialist. Developed by Steve Cotter specifically for coaches, trainers, martial artists and individuals who want to maximise results without equipment. CMS draws on Steve’s experience of different disciplines, methods and practices. The most effective aspects Eastern training methods and Western conditioning drills have been distilled into a complete and unique system.

Aspects covered include

  • Balance training and progressions that prime the body for athletic activity
  • Mobility and joint specific warmups that provide the foundation for pain free movement
  • Animal Based Movements integrating balance, strength and power.
  • Push Up variations, teaching lumbo-pelvic hip connection that engages the whole body.
  • Plyometric drills for optimal power generation
  • Partner drills that develop timing and awareness
  • Compensatory drills, stretching and flexibility to restore the body.

Test standards:

Pushups: Men 35 Women 8
Horse Stance: Men 1 min (thighs parallel) Women 1 min (thighs parallel)
Pull-ups: Men 12 strict Women 1 strict
Abs: Seated Knees to Chest: Men 30 Women 30
Trunk Hyperextension (partner hold): Men 20 Women 20
Jumping Burpees: Men 30 Women 15
Pistols: Men 1 clean rep per leg Women 1 clean rep per leg
Jump over Stick at Knee Level: Men 30 jumps in 1 minute Women 20 reps in 1 minute

**In addition to minimum fitness requirements, all participants must be able to complete all the movement in curriculum with good form**

Mastering Bodyweight training is fundamental to physical development and has a place in every trainer’s arsenal. Bodyweight conditioning provides the foundation for almost every other type of phyisical activity.

Steve Cotter’s unique and integrated approach delivers a comprehensive tool box of scalable exercises and drills. You will be able to adapt these methods to suit all levels. So, whether you are working with new clients, weekend warriors or seasoned athletes you will find the Bodyweight Conditioning Certification provides the perfect platform to deliver efficient results based training without the need for additional training equipment.

No gimmicks, no gadgets – Just Pure Bodywieght Conditioning!

If you want to get certified, please look for the CMS Course nearest to you in our Events Calendar.