Harald Hofer

Harald Hofer

Location: Linz/Graz Austria

E-Mail: Herald.hofer@hotmail.com
Skype: zigarry


I’m a medical student at the Medical University of Graz, CKT Level 1; I got a basic education in hypnosis an advanced communication especially in the medical field.

Several Years of experience in Martial Arts (Wing Tsun)

The goal of my training-method is an extraordinary base of physical capability: to find the individual’s strong points and include whole training so that the client can be fully athletically developed. This can be the primary training or as assistance to any sports specific activity (sports, martial arts, etc.).

Due to my medical background, health is the basis of my personal training and for my client’s daily training.

I prefer to use Kettlebells, however, I also include bodyweight exercises, weight of all sorts, including odd- object lifting (sandbags, stones, chains, ropes, logs, etc.).

I offer one-on-one personal training as well as group training in Linz and Graz, statewide on request.