Guy Murray

Guy Murray


Telephone: 0141 551 9678

IKFF Level 1 Certified Kettlebell Teacher

Guy is the owner of Glasgow Sport and Spine Clinic where he treats sports injuries and chronic musculoskeletal pain. He has studied in the UK, Ireland, America and most recently in the Czech Republic at the Prague School of manual medicine. His interest in the rehabilitation of incorrect movement and muscle activation patterns which are frequently the cause of injury initially led him to kettlebell training.

“Kettlebell training provides a practical option for most people to train consistently and maintain fitness, core strength and flexibility. They are cost effective space saving, reasonably portable and most importantly for many a workout is not too time consuming. Used correctly kettlebells help train functional fitness and movement patterns, encouraging the whole kinetic chain to engage correctly. ”I believe they are a superb adjunct to amateur and professional athletes non-specific sports training and I have used them with a variety of athletes from boxers to rugby players and martial artists”