Giorgio Rojas

Giorgio Rojas

Location: Sydney, Australia


Giorgio Rojas is a level 1 Certified Kettlebell Teacher (CKT), and one of the first in Sydney, Australia to be certified by world class trainer Steve Cotter. Giorgio’s experience in fitness and martial arts began at the age of seven, in his native country Peru. He started in Karate where he attained his Black Belt and then he moved to Australia and started kick boxing at the age of thirteen. A few years later he studied the chinese art of Praying Mantis Boxing and then later found the smooth art of Brazilian JiuJitsu. Giorgio has been training Brazilian JiuJItsu for six years and was recently awarded his purple belt under Royler Gracie’s student Brunno Panno. Giorgio has experience in competing gaining first, second and third place in various Brazilian JiuJitsu competitions throughout Australia.

Giorgio has been Kettlebell training now for two years and it has become a very significant part of his everyday life. The training has assisted him in all aspects of living including his full-time professional career as a musician. He is a drummer and is currently touring the world full time. The flexibility that Kettlebell training provides, means that he can train anywhere he is touring. He constantly seeks like minded people to train with and also teaches where he goes. As a martial artist, Giorgio believes that you have to take care of your mind and body because they are the important tools in life.

He has a very patient and energetic method of teaching. His experience in learning has developed his passion and knowledge for teaching. He gets enormous satisfaction from seeing people grow and progress through Kettlebell training.