Gavin Moreton

Gavin Moreton

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

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Gavin is one of the leading kettlebell instructors in Edinburgh and has religiously trained with kettlebells ever since he first found out about them. He has taught at workshops, group classes and at one to one level for some time now, he has a regular list of keen kettlebell devotees who train with him and stay with him because they love it!
Gavin’s military background has given him the obsession of endurance training which spans over 13 years, which in turn has led to him training with kettlebells in endurance also. This way of training has led to Gavin understanding the importance of position, movement and breathing technique and has been paramount to a fast progression in his style and overall technique.

Gavin equally has training experience in Triathlon, long and short distance running, Tug o war competition, Boxing training, and also many years of Military endurance events. He’s passionate, enthusiastic and a highly motivating Personal Trainer who has trained a large number of people in alternative method training and still does, Gavins style and imagination is what makes him stand out from the crowd in training and is why he is a popular choice in Kettlebell Tuition.

Kettlebells have been his main training tool for years and the hard graft he puts in to his own training reflects the way he teaches. He works hard to maintain his technique and teaching style and his fine tuned precision, observation and attention to detail are what make Gavin the Teacher of choice for kettlebell training.

Gavin teaches kettlebell tuition classes at Pure Gym in Edinburgh to all its members who wish to train in this way.

If you would like to really learn how use a kettlebell all you have to do is get in touch!