Gabriela Beckmann

Gabriela Beckmann

Location: Maintal/Frankfurt, Germany


“Kettlebells were for me, love at first sight,” said Gabriela. “As a way of introducing myself, I would like to acknowledge those who have created such a positive motivational effect in my life. In addition, these individuals have influenced me and my training during the last years.”

Pavel Tsatsouline: “The Naked Warrior” and “Enter The Kettlebell” have altered the way I perceive fitness, strength and gyms.

Björn Friedrich: For the warm welcome in the fighter fitness group and all the hours of inspiring, hard body-weight and kettlebell training.

Brett Jones: The Functional Movement Screen seminar was excellent and humorous. You clearly illustrated the importance of fundamental movement patterns for improved performance while avoiding injuries. I will integrate the screen and the corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns in my work.

Mike Mahler: You have showed me fitness and strength is more than simply hours of training. I began to look at training from a more holistic posture (training, food, relaxation, sleep, hormones, etc). Thank you for your support and inspiration when my motivation lagged and I thought: “Suck it up; you’ve to send your training journal to Mike at the weekend.”

Steve Cotter: For the encouragement and incentive to become a CKT, through sharing all of your knowledge with us and for your support. You combine incredible strength and skills with the humbleness and kindness of a true warrior.

Thank you, to all the people of the first European IKFF-CKT-course; “It was great!”

Finally and certainly not in the least, Barbara Sher: For your wonderful books particularly “Wishcraft” and “It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now”; your words ring with integrity.

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