MT Freedom Ferretti – Italy –

MT MT Freedom Ferretti – Italy –

Facebook: Freedom Ferretti
Twitter: @dappidappi
Skype: dappidappi

IKFF CKT Level 2
(IKFF ITALIA Team Leader)

Freedom works as personal trainer and he is specialized in Functional Training,Kettlebell and Weightlifting.

He loves to create custom workouts drawing on different sources such as:

  • Bodyweight exercises
  • Weightlifting
  • TRX

mixing them with IKFF skills.

He strongly believes in unquestionable effectiveness of circuit training focused on strength,resistance and power based on kettlebell and barbell.


  • Personal Trainer (FIPE – CONI)
  • IKFF CKT Level 1 Milan (2009)
  • IKFF CKT Level 2 London (2009)
  • TRX trainer London (2009)
  • Health & Fitness Specialist
  • Ghirisport I.G.S.F. Trainer level 2 (2009)
  • Gym Jones F.D.I. (First Degree Instructor) – Salt Lake City (2010)