Federico Squillace

Federico Squillace

Location: Rome, Italy
mail: squilla@hotmail.it
cell: 349-5636555

Website: www.justsportsystem.it


  • University Degree in Sport Sciences
  • Professional Sports Trainer
  • Personal Trainer
  • Functional Trainer
  • Crossfit L1 Trainer
  • Specialist in Corrective exercises
  • Kickboxing Trainer
  • Boxing Instructor

I am based in Rome, where I work as a technical manager in a sports centre, as well as a trainer in physical training and functional training methodology at the Italian Boxing Federation (FPI), and I also give training classes at “Justsport System”, of which I am founder.

Being a Sports Trainer, Personal Trainer and Kickboxing Trainer, I am in continuous search for new studies and confrontation in order to optimize the physical performance from a highly scientific point of view.

I love my job for its technical aspect, but what makes it the best job in the world to me is the enrichment on every aspect that I get from each confrontation and meeting every single day.