Fabian Manrique Clavo Campos

Fabian Manrique Clavo Campos

Location: Costa Rica

E-Mail: fmcc54@gmail.com
Website: http://www.athleticadvance.com

Licensed Physical Therapist and personal trainer.

Specialist in sports biomechanical motion analysis.

Sports Manager and associate of the Athletic Advance Gym, which is currently revolutionizing sports and fitness training within the country with innovative systems.

Coach of the Athletic Advance MMA Gracie jiu-jitsu Costa Rica professional team for over 5 years.

Extensive experience in rehabilitation therapy and sports training for improving athletes’ performance in their respective fields.

Lecturer and winner of trainer-of-the-year awards in several gym chains where he has worked.

Currently devoted in his own gym in order to create a high-level training center that is breaking schemes within the Central American region.