Doug Sides


“Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn ran an excellent class last weekend in Chicago. Geared toward learning and teaching the kettlebell for fitness applications with the correct technique as well as body awareness and mobility, the class was taught from the ground up. Day 1 started with the swing, to the clean, to the press, push press and jerk. Several timed sets thrown in for good measure. We actually had more hands on with the bells than I can remember ever having over the 2 days. Day 2 was a review of 1 then straight into long cycle and snatches. More timed sets. More practice. More movement drills. Diagnosing, correcting and teaching the exercises. Evaluations by the instructors and Qi Gong. Well run with lots of humor and a good group of people. Not a lot left to figure out for yourself when it was over. If health and fitness using the kettlebell is your goal this is where you should learn. The IKFF is the best certification I’ve been to by a long shot.”