Del Wilson

Del Wilson

Location:  Rushden, Northamtonshire


Del is a fully insured REPS level 3 personal trainer. He is extremely passionate about health and fitness and as a
result has set up his own personal training business. Coming from a back ground of bodybuilding competition, Del has a unique understanding of the disciplines involved in reaching ones physical potential and as a result he does demand total commitment from his clients, but, by the same token, Del will be 100% committed to helping clients stay on track until those goals have been reached or exceeded.  Don’t expect to be given a generic programme typically seen in a gym environment, Del will prescribe a functional exercise programme designed to make the stresses of daily living easier or if your goals are sports orientated a programme designed to increase your performance in your chosen sport.  Kettlebells, body weight and TRX suspension training are his chosen weapons to achieve those aims and Del is fully qualified in the use of all of these excellent tools.  Any goals set will be realistic and achievable within the available time scale. Del will educate his clients as they progress explaining why they are doing what they are doing and the benefits. Providing clients do as he says then results can be guaranteed.  Realise that there is no quick fix, no magic potion that will transform you over night. The transition from fat and unfit to lean and fit will require you to regularly step outside of your comfort zone, If you can commit to this then Del would love to hear from you.

Qualifications and certifications:

IKFF certified kettlebell trainer
Kettlebell training academy kettlebell instructor
TRX suspension trainer certificate
Padbox certificate
REPS level 3 personal trainer
Nutrition and weight management to REPS level 3
Stand in Personal trainer for the Mercedes Benz Formula 1 racing team.