Dave Hedges

MT Dave Hedges

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Dave Hedges owns and runs Wild Geese Fitness Training based in Dublin, Ireland

He’s also the co-founder of Wild Geese Martial Arts.

Over the years Dave has practiced many martial arts, collecting a handful of black belts and teaching certs along the way.
It was this hunger and passion for martial proficiency that lead to his immersion into fitness which ultimately lead to discovering kettlebell training.
Dave’s training philosophy revolves around creating more efficient human animals by developing Strength, Endurance and Mobility in equal measure.
The kettlebell training methods supplemented with bodyweight, animal and barbell work have so far shown themselves to be the best combination of methods to realise this philosophy.

Dave has built a name not only as a strength & conditioning coach, but a wealth of knowledge on mobility and more recently with the integration of the Anatomy in motion method into his service, postural alignment and injury management. He is also a prolific writer, contributing dozens of articles in various print magazines and online blogs.

His client base ranges from Kettlebell Sports competitors, competitive martial artists, semi-pro mountain bikers, triathletes and general fitness enthusiasts.