Darrell Banning

Darrell Banning

Location: Tucson, AZ

E-Mail: darrellw.l.banning@gmail.com
Website: http://www.bigdxfit.com/

Darrell is a former U.S. Navy Rescue Swimmer and currently competes in Power lifting, strongman, and kettlebell training. Additionally, Darrel has competed on the high school, college, international, and semi pro level. He takes the same passion that he puts in himself and pours it into every individual client.

Darrell is a Certified Kettlebell Teacher through the IKFF, Z-Health® Level 3 Certified Trainer, CK-FMS, and Certified Personal Trainer through International Sports Science Association. Unlike the everyday trainer who thinks in terms of body parts when designing programs, Darrel utilizes cutting edge neurology because your brain does not think in terms of body parts. His training focuses on muscle patterns, neurological systems, and skeletal functions.

Darrell will give each client a program specifically destined for them, relieve or reduce their pain and help build a more injury resistant body. Finally he will help you with your meal plan to fuel your body. After all put bad gas in a Lamborghini and see how long it runs.