Darrack L. Bush, D.C.

Darrack L. Bush, D.C.

Location: Oneida/Sherrill, NY

E-Mail: darracklb@hotmail.com


With my passions of kettlebell training, I have exposed many of my patients (athletes and non-athletes) to kettlebells. With proper instruction Kettlebell training has the ability to help increase endurance and strengthen all muscles including core muscles. I train with Barbara Day of Studio 26.2 in Sherrill, NY and we are always looking forward to training new recruits.

I am a Chiropractor in private practice in Central New York for the past 10 years. I love fitness, as well as promoting fitness and I do this in and out of my office. I turned from strictly weightlifting to primarily kettlebells in 2007 due to many injuries. Since I begain kettlebell training I have minimized my injuries. I am a certified IKFF trainer as well as a certified American Kettlebell Club coach.