Cyrus Peterson

Cyrus Peterson

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Telephone: 704-877-6631

Cyrus Peterson, is an IKFF/CKT, KBC Kettlebell Instructor and Master Trainer (NFPT).  He is the owner and head instructor of Advanced Training Concepts, the premier Kettlebell studio in Charlotte, NC.  Cyrus has over 20 years of experience in weightlifting, powerlifting, healthy nutrition, and fitness in general.  Cyrus is certified in sports nutrition, endurance training and weightlifting and has been a certified trainer for over 10 years.

“There is something about the way they feel in the hand.  It’s really a powerful feeling to swing around a big hunk of metal!  The complexity and technicality of Kettlebell training also appealed to me.  After training with weights for several years the Kettlebell was very challenging even to me.  Kettlebell training offered me the best of both worlds.  I could get a good and exciting cardio workout and do strength training all in one. It’s amazing how something so simplistic can yield so many benefits.” – Cyrus Peterson

Through Advanced Training concepts, Cyrus has developed a series of trademark “BootKamps” that offer members organized Kettlebell classes, to develop strength and promote weight loss, dietitian-designed personalized meal-planning, online training, and health and fitness guidance to help clients achieve individual goals.  Advanced Training Concepts is devoted to delivering fitness programs that are designed to provide an elite training experience, using Kettlebells, calisthenics, and other modalities.

“The level of proficiency and technicality needed to execute the basic movements of Kettlebell requires formal training and education.  Thanks, to Steve Cotter and the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation for helping me to expand my abilities as a Kettlebell Instructor.” – Cyrus Peterson