Craig Heslop

Craig Heslop

Craig’s purpose is to guide humans back to natural movement, food and living. Historically, Craig has been nomadic having lived in Africa, UK, New Zealand, Australia and the Middle East. This has given him exposure to different cultures, biomes and tribes. He has used this experience to create the philosophies of Tribal Fitness. From a young age, Craig enjoyed success in the sporting arena but his true passion was always for nature.

He has appeared on local television and regional magazines and newspapers. Craig supports many local events in Bahrain such as World Diabetes Day and The Royal Charity Organization Bahrain.

Craig’s particular passion is for working with the junior population. He works to lead the future generation to their true health. He is currently developing the following programs: Tribal After-School Program, Tribal Toddlers and Tribal Elders.

Craig can often be seen paddle boarding around Bahrain’s coastline. He also enjoys getting beat up at Brazilian Jujitsu and exploring the remaining pockets of nature he can find. He lives with his awesome wife Elyse and super son, Tallis.

Reach out to Craig in the following ways:

Mobile: +973 39473710