Coach Stef Sifandos

Coach Stef Sifandos

Location: Cockburn Central. Western Australia


* CrossFit Affiliate Owner
* CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
* CrossFit Gymnastics Coach
* CrossFit Running & Endurance Training Sports Coach
* AWF State Weightlifting and Sports Power Coach
* Certificate IV in Fitness – TAFE
* ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach
* ASCA Mentor Coach
* International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation (IKFF) Certified Kettlebell Trainer
* Gym Jones Athletic Development Seminar Attendee
* Senior First Aid Certificate
* Bachelor of Behavioral Science – Major in Philosophy. University of Notre Dame
* Ayurvedic Practitioner & Massage Therapist – Office located in Central Fremantle

Stef has a deep interest in all that challenges him, not only physically but also psychologically and spiritually. For many years as a constant discovery of self, Stef has purposely placed himself in physically compromising situations in order to strengthen and test himself, his capabilities and potential. Stef has developed a broad understanding of what it truly means to be fit in real terms. Stef is heavily involved in Boxing, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, short and long distance triathlons, running, cycling, intensified strength and power training.

Stef also has a strong interest and passion for extreme outdoor sports such as rock climbing, hiking, mountain climbing, trekking, white water rafting, mountain bike riding and nature and the elements itself, and has spent time trekking in the Amazon, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Thailand, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and has cycled solo around Italy.

Knowing oneself and their capabilities is paramount to who Stef is. He believes it is a constant search via an at times painful journey that truly has no end, due to the ever changing nature of self. Stef realizes that the blood, sweat and tears expelled in the gym can only help prepare one for the reality of life and its obstacles, but that real training is done within.