Claudio Garombo

Claudio Garombo

Location: Alessandria and Genova / Italy

Telephone: +39 346 96 95 322
Skype: claudio.garombo

Favorite quote: “Losers quit when they’re tired. Winners quit when they’ve won!”

• Personal Trainer FIF – CONI (27/30).
• Kettlebell Instructor  CKT IKFF
• Kettelbell Instructor FIF – CONI (30/30).
• Sport Supplement Expert TBI.
• Traditional Massage (CONI AICS ).
• Shoulder Pain Treatment Specialist (CONI AICS ).
• EFR Instructor with AED and Care for Children.
• TDI Extended Range diver.
• Scientific Training and Il Centro del Metodo teacher and presenter.
• Functional Training, Joint Mobility, Body-Weight Training, TRX e Suspention Training, Circuit Training, Group Training Expert.
• Fitness and wellness consultant.
• Columnist for Scientific Training

Whatever your goal may be in sport, fitness and wellness, my skills, my passion, the knowledge of the best training methods and my professionalism will be the basic tools that together we will use to reach the next level on a path rich in personal growth and challenges.
Every human being is differend and everyone of us may require a different approach in order to acheive a goal. For that reason I always customize, tailor and shape my approach and methods of training to the needs of my customer. I’m extending my hand toward you to make you reach the next level of fitness. Are you willing to take it? Are you willing to callenge yourself and day by day, rep by rep become something better than yesterday?
What are you waiting for? Just contac me with whatever question you may have and it will be my pleasure to get in touch with you.

• Personal training
• Massages
• Group Training and mini-classes
• Nutrition Advice (available on line)
• Supplementation Advice and Product (available on line)
• Fat loss
• Body Composition Fitness Level and Metabolism Analisys (available on line)
• Postural Training