CKT Recertification Process

CKT’s are required to update their certification status every three years. This will be based on calendar year (not the actual date). Thus, if you became a CKT in March 2010, you would need to be re-certified sometime before the end of 2013.

The goal of the re-certification is straight-forward – continuing education. We are consistently learning and being exposed to new information. Thus, it’s important our coaches stay abreast of updates to the CKT program and remain on the cutting edge on what’s happening in the fitness world.

The pricing for the re-certification is dependent on when you choose to attend. Those who re-certify early will get a significant discount. Below is a pricing break-down:

  • Re-certification in the next calendar year: $300
  • Re-certification at two calendar years: $700
  • Re-certification at three calendar years: $1,295

Upon completion of a re-certification, your CKT status will be updated for 3 years AFTER your original expiration. As an example, if you attend a re-certification on March 2010 but it wasn’t set to expire until March 2011, your certification will be good until the end of 2014.

If you choose to attend a CKT in the same calendar year in which you were certified, this will be defined as a “CKT Review” and will not update your CKT status for obvious reasons (It’s the same calendar year).

  • CKT review within same calendar year: $225

Being that this is a new policy, 2010 will be the start year for all CKT’s. Thus, all CKT’s have 3 years to update their status via the protocol listed above.