Chris Bromley

Chris Bromley

Location: Mendon, MA


Chris has been into fitness for most of his life. He played high school football, and has competed in numerous events such as The Cape Cod Marathon, The Holliston Triathlon, Bike New York, and The Tough Mudder. Chris is a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute, has been a personal trainer since 2005 and holds certifications in personal training, nutritional counseling, group excercise, bootcamps, and Kettlebell.  Chris has a wide knowledge of training from Personal Training to Group Excercise, Free Weights to Kettlebells and beyond. Chris picked up the Kettlebell in 2006 and has’nt looked back, inspired by names such as Steve Cotter, Steve Maxwell, Valery Fedorenko, and Ken Blackburn, he earned his IKFF CKT 1 and IKFF CBCT in 2011. Chris is well versed in Weight loss programming, Kettlebell Training, Bootcamps, Circuit Training, Athletic Conditioning, Bodyweight training, Group Training and Personal Training. Chris can and will customize workouts for any fitness level. Chris has creative solutions to overcome any challenge, His clients describe his workouts as “inovative and original”,and “unique and intense”.

• National Personal Training Insitute Certified Personal Trainer
• Ryan Lee Bootcamp
• AAAI Cycling Instructor Certified
• IKFF Certified Bodyweight Conditioning Trainer (CBCT)
• IKFF Certfied Kettlebell Teacher (CKT)
• WKC Kettlebell Fitness Trainer

” I have been working out for years, and have never had a workout like this before. Chris has inovative and original exercises that are easy to perform, moving from station to station keeps the heartrate up, and before you know it , your all done.. ITS AWESOME!!”
~Kevin Barry

” Chris is a great athlete and an excellent trainer who brings his several years of experience, motivation, and creative ideas to his clients. He customizes his training programs based on the goals of his clients, listens and interacts well and finds creative solutions to overcome any challenge. I recommend Chris for anyone interested in preparing for triathlon, or marathon, cardio or Bootcamps His most famous and deadly classes ”
~Sebnem Tokcan

About Chris
As an active person Chris competes in all kinds of events like road races and endurance events such as Bike New York, The Cape Cod Marathon, The Holliston Triathlon and more recent The New England Tough Mudder. Chris also competes in charitable events such as Foxboro race against diabetes 5k, The HMEA 5k, and The Best Buddies Challenge. Chris hopes to compete in Kettlebell in the very near future. His interrests include Kettlebells, Moutain Biking, Cycling, Hiking, Kyaking, Running,Climbing, Kettlebell Training, Weight Training, Kettlebells And Teaching Kettlebells.