Sara Moore

“Based on their resumes alone, I was prepared for top notch training, however they both exceeded my expectations. While they each have different teaching styles and perspectives, the combination of the two made for an extremely thorough, enjoyable and ‘high impact’ two days. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of personal attention both Ken and Steve managed to give each of us, as well as their desire to learn more about us as people rather than just as students. Each of them noticed the small things–the details which at this stage in my KB lifting will enhance both my performance and endurance. They stayed true to IKFF Core Values, and made this experience one of a lifetime! I truly cannot say enough about Ken and Steve – they are amazing teachers, athletes and people. Thank you for the incredible experience!”

Turby Wright and Carol Defazio

“We would like to thank you for a great weekend at the NYC kettlebell certification. It was just what we expected; well organized, professional, with a focus on learning the fine points of kettlebell lifting and teaching them to others. What we didn’t expect was the way you made us feel like old friends; it added so much to the weekend. It’s easy to see why you are both so well-respected in the fitness industry. If you are ever at the Jersey Shore, please look us up! Continued success to you both!”

Jason Schroeder

Website: www.fitnessfrequency.com

“Thank you for the opportunity to share in your unsurpassed knowledge in and out of the kettlebell arena. You brought an indestructible humility to the certification. The knowledge I retained was only complimented by the stability of mind and body that washed over me in only two days. Putting your students before yourselves and promoting their success in a step to bring everyone to the top of the mountain; is a core value in human progression and you should be applauded for that!”

Carolyn Vanzlow


“In June of 2008 I had the pleasure of being a student of Steve Cotter and his elite team of instructors Ken Blackburn and Jason Dolby. The certification class was exceptional in technique, providing powerful information for participation and teaching techniques. I have observed through my own practice my clients are learning very quickly, able to ascend rapidly to the next level and no injuries! This I attribute to the excellent information provided by Steve and his team. It was clearly obvious that the instructors were driven to make sure all of us finished properly prepared to teach kettle belle training. Thank you, Steve, Ken and Jason for a memorable experience, and increasing my income substantially.”

Stephen Gurtowski

CKT, ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Boston & Walpole, Massachusetts

“On June 28 and 29, 2008, I attended the two day International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF) Certified Kettlebell Teacher course. It was terrific! The IKFF is headed by Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn and they taught the course. Both Steve and Ken brought and shared the depth of their understanding and experience, and I really appreciated that. They spoke to that experience, and at the same time helped me gain a deeper understanding of kettlebell lifting and training. I’ve been training with KB’s for seven years, and I learned nuances of KB lifting that had escaped me in the past. More importantly, I learned and practiced skills necessary to teach KB training to others and corrective strategies. The inclusion of girevoy sport drills, technique, strategies, and method was a terrific aspect of the course. I was unpracticed in the GS method, but I feel I have a good understanding of it from the course. Even though the course is demanding, the atmosphere is conducive to learning and having fun. If you have the opportunity, take the course. I highly recommend it.”

Brad Behle


“I signed up for the IKFF Kettlebell certification without really knowing what to expect. I did some research and found that Steve and Ken were highly qualified, but was still a little hesitant on whether it’s who I want to be certified through. The seminar exceeded my expectations and was an amazing experience. Not only were Steve and Ken exceptional, they also brought an assistant named Jason who was very energetic about teaching. We also had a visit from Mike Mahler which was nice being I had learned a lot about Kettlebells from his videos. We had a room full of the “Kettlebell Elites”. I had a blast there, we worked hard, learned a lot and had a lot of fun. The instructors have great personalities, had us laughing and made everyone feel comfortable. I would strongly recommend this certification to others, in fact I already have! I’m glad to be a part of IKFF”

Jana and Ron Holland

SWAT Fitness www.swatfitness.com
Kombat Kettlebells www.kombatkettlebells.com

“At SWAT Fitness in Tucson, we have been doing kettlebells classes for over 9 months at our 2 Tucson Arizona personal training and fitness studios. Since starting with kettlebells, our trainers have been trained by various instructors from RKC, which has been both instructional and beneficial to our Kombat Kettlebells classes. When we attended Steve Cotter’s IKFF certification, however, our eyes were opened.

We received much more than kettlebell technique and instructional methods during the IKFF program. Steve and his team provided not only kettlebell foundational instruction, but also valuable programming, progressions and demonstrations which have improved our own technique as trainers, which translate into improved programming for our Kombat Kettlebells program. Steve’s attention to individual form (and his personal traits) makes him a person we greatly respect and value. Steve and his team are an exceptional resource for instruction, programming, methodology and technique.

We are proud to be supporters of IKFF and endorse Steve Cotter and his team as some of the best resources available for kettlebell instruction in the U.S.”

Lisa Balash

Owner of Elite Physiques Kettlebell Studio

“The IKFF has to be, by far, the best program out there! I was certified before from Kettlebell Concepts but wanted a more credible certification. It only made sense to consider the IKFF. After seeing and hearing about Steve Cotter, I knew that this was the best choice. Everything was very detail oriented. I learned the proper techniques of each exercise and also learned the proper way to communicate this to my clients. I am a much more confident instructor now that I have completed this program. I recommend this to anyone! Even if you have already been certified, that you consider adding Steve’s program, it can only increase your capability and understanding of kettlebells. Thank you Steve and the IKFF for such a great experience.”

Jude Howe

 IKFF – CKT, ISSA – CPT; Cleveland, Ohio

“I want to thank both Steve and Ken for all of their effort in putting this course together. These guys are consummate professionals and even better teachers. They have a style of teaching that is both gracious and humble, in that, they are the best at what they do without having to tell you they are.

If you are looking to better understand how to train with kettlebells or how to train others on how to use them, do not miss this course. My clients and I were reaping the benefits the very next day. You will walk away from the weekend with a wealth of knowledge and tons of confidence.”

Ian Gillaspie

Tucson, AZ.

“The IKFF strips away the gimmicks of Kettlebell training, focusing on the most effective, tested techniques. Ken’s teaching is straightforward, clear, and borne from experience. Steve offers a wealth of technical insight, demonstrating that the ‘little things’ can make a huge difference in form and efficiency. Why make light bells harder when you can make heavy ones easier! I am most impressed however, with the continuing support of their CKT’s.”

Mary Ellen Coffey

 Tucson, AZ.

“I attended the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation Certified Kettlebell Teacher (CKT) course with Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn in Tucson, AZ., on May 10 and 11th. I found Steve and Ken to be extremely professional and thorough in their ability to demonstrate their knowledge as well as their passion for proper use of the kettlebells. I was very appreciative of the fact that they not only taught us the exercises and coaching of kettlebells but also the skills on business and marketing. They introduced us to timed sets using the kettlebells which is an amazing way to train! I left the certification course confident in my ability to instruct proper form, technique and safety to others who want to learn how to ‘swing the bell’ ! Thanks for a great weekend and I look forward to meeting up with you two sometime again in the future!”

Chris Robinson

2 time California Muay Thai Champ, BS – Exercise Science SDSU, Pilates Trainer (Romana ‘s Pilates Certification), CNT – Trainer, AKC – Coach, Owner – Core Coach Center, La Jolla, CA

“Thank you IKFF for improving my personal kettlebell lifting technique and teaching ability.”

Robert Verhelst

 AFTA Personal Trainer, AFTA Sports Nutrition Certification and owner/trainer of Abstract Fitness

“The IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher course is a professional, organized and very informative course. The instructors provide an atmosphere that makes it easy to train and advance your kettlebell knowledge and teaching abilities. Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn are not only extremely knowledgeable about the art of kettlebell lifting; they also can perform the skills at a high level of expertise. After completing the IKFF certification course, you feel more confident in your skills and more prepared to train others in the art of the kettlebell.

If you want the most reputable certification for training kettlebell lifting, the IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher course is the only one that will truly prepare you to be the best.”

Terri Parker

BS, ACE, KBC, AKC, CKT Red Barn Fitness
Website: www.redbarnfitness.com

“The IKFF Certification is one of the best courses I’ve been to. Both Steve and Ken’s level of performance, mastery of skill and knowledge base was impressive. It was inspiring to watch them as they interacted with participants from a place of confidence and integrity, actively engaging us, truly listening and giving valuable feedback. I’ve come away with information and technique to help my business and clients.”

Sincere Hogan

Certified fitness trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association, certificates in Sports Nutrition with the International Fitness Association, Fitness Phone Coaching via NESTA, as well as certificates in Functional Training, Functional Anatomy, and Adult CPR/First Aid/AED via the American Red Cross.

“I would like to personally thank Steve, Ken, Dr. Ed, and everyone for making the workshop an enjoyable, and knowledgeable experience. You guys truly over delivered. I look forward to attending more workshops (there is a great chance I will see you guys in the Fall for the FMD cert) in the future, as well as continuing to connect and learn from you guys in other instances as well.

Keep doing what you do, because you guys definitely do it well.”

Rae Chitwood

Certified Fitness Specialist through FitForce and OPOTA (Ohio peace officer training academy), 1st degree black belt, 1998 World Sport Jujitsu Championships Silver Medalist, Women’s Safety Expert

“I was a Certified Kettlebell instructor with another organization. The other certification seemed to put the emphasis on the candidate’s own physical endurance and ability to make it through the grueling processes of the day and a little bit on the ability to teach others. In comparison, the IKFF challenges it’s participants to perform, but the true nature of the course is to learn to teach. Each technique is taught in such a manner that you become a better practitioner yourself, of course, but then it’s torn down and trained so comprehensively from every angle to be able to convey the information to others. If your goal in achieving a certification is truly to become the best teacher you can be with kettlebells and beyond, then the IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher course is the one for you! The Head Instructors are always willing to answer questions, help with problems and are accessible for assistance not just at the course, but beyond! They are truly interested in your success! I would tell anyone wanting to become a great coach and grow their training business to take this course.”

Lorenzo Gregorio

Certified C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach and a Holistic Exercise Kinesiology practitioner. Additional certifications through NASM and the CHEK Institute.

“Forget what you know. Free your mind and accept. If all you knew was the infamous hard style of KB training, look again. This might very well be an important key to relaxing towards the progressions of your KB training. True form and functions of endurance strength training coupled with the levels of the sport of KB lifting, introduced and helped me understand my own personal KB training. Steve and Ken undoubtedly get the respect of being at the top level as instructors for this apparatus.”

Doug Sides

Website: www.rockfordkettlebells.wordpress.com

“Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn ran an excellent class last weekend in Chicago. Geared toward learning and teaching the kettlebell for fitness applications with the correct technique as well as body awareness and mobility, the class was taught from the ground up. Day 1 started with the swing, to the clean, to the press, push press and jerk. Several timed sets thrown in for good measure. We actually had more hands on with the bells than I can remember ever having over the 2 days. Day 2 was a review of 1 then straight into long cycle and snatches. More timed sets. More practice. More movement drills. Diagnosing, correcting and teaching the exercises. Evaluations by the instructors and Qi Gong. Well run with lots of humor and a good group of people. Not a lot left to figure out for yourself when it was over. If health and fitness using the kettlebell is your goal this is where you should learn. The IKFF is the best certification I’ve been to by a long shot.”

Sean Armstead

CSCS, NSCA-CPT, CHEK Level II, USMC-captain, owner Phenomenal Fitness personal training, Chicago IL

“The IKFF entry level certification was an outstanding experience. Steve Cotter is a gifted instructor with world class communication skills. He has extensively studied many disciplines in several countries…kettlebells, martial arts, biomechanics. He has deep insights in both the human body and spirit. A must have certification for anyone seeking excellence in kettlebell training. Ken Blackburn is one of the strongest kettlebell a practitioner that I have seen…more amazing is his passion, humility and knowledge of kettlebell training, strength training etc. Even better, the brother is an incredible instructor with a great sense of humor. I look forward to taking the IKFF again and again.”

Jon Hinds

Founder & Owner of the Monkey Bar Gymnasium, former NBA Strength Coach
Website: www.monkeybargym.com

“I have been training people for 28 years and have seen many courses and seminars and without question, Steve’s IKFF course was among the best. People want to learn the material from the best, you get that! People want to see what is possible at even higher levels as well, you get that! People want personal attention and refinement of techniques, you get that too! Across the board an excellent course. Steve just does an amazing job and Ken was excellent in assisting as well as quickly answering every question! You want to learn kettlebells and become inspired to go to the next level of KB training then this course is for you.”