Calum Hill

Calum Hill

Location: Glasgow, Scotland


IKFF Level 1 CKT

Calum is the IKFF Certified Kettlebell Trainer responsible for Glasgow’s freshest personal training experience. Having graduated from Glasgow University in 2007 with Honours in Physiology and Sports Science, Calum is able to tailor the latest scientifically proven training methods to each of his clients’ needs. In addition, Calum works for Glasgow University’s Sport and Recreation Service as a Development Teacher, where he is launching a series of Kettlebell Workshops in a bid to pass on his enthusiasm for kettlebell fitness.

Calum’s ambitions are straightforward: Get people in Scotland fit and healthier through the promotion of well rounded mind and body fitness. The IKFF approach to fitness is imperative to realizing this ambition.

Calum also works with a variety of sports teams around Glasgow and is busy incorporating kettlebell training into conditioning sessions for soccer and rugby players. If a sport requires, speed, dynamic power, cardiovascular fitness, agility or mental strength then kettlebells are the perfect training tool. The incorporation of KB training into conditioning sessions is proving to be a hugely worthwhile exercise!