Brad Behle


“I signed up for the IKFF Kettlebell certification without really knowing what to expect. I did some research and found that Steve and Ken were highly qualified, but was still a little hesitant on whether it’s who I want to be certified through. The seminar exceeded my expectations and was an amazing experience. Not only were Steve and Ken exceptional, they also brought an assistant named Jason who was very energetic about teaching. We also had a visit from Mike Mahler which was nice being I had learned a lot about Kettlebells from his videos. We had a room full of the “Kettlebell Elites”. I had a blast there, we worked hard, learned a lot and had a lot of fun. The instructors have great personalities, had us laughing and made everyone feel comfortable. I would strongly recommend this certification to others, in fact I already have! I’m glad to be a part of IKFF”