Barry Andre

MT Barry Andre

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31-10-7670051

I am fueled by a passion for sports and addicted to kettlebells.
As a dedicated kettlebell instructor I am specialized in functional strength training and body conditioning training.
In my training with people at novice or truly advanced level, in group or private sessions, I use a no nonsense approach to achieve results in Strength, Power Endurance, Explosiveness, Mental Toughness, Increasing Energy Levels and Fat Loss.
Clients are building up injury resistance, true endurance strength, core strength and cardiovascular conditioning all at once.
But most of all, having fun with the kettlebell and in life.
You must experience kettlebell training to fully understand the benefits it can provide.
We were not designed to sit all day, even not on a fitness machine. We were designed to move!

Most recent certifications:

IKFF CKT Level 1
IKFF CKT Level 2