Antonio Saccinto

Antonio Saccinto

Location: Milan, Italy


Antonio is the director and administrator of IKFF Italy. He is an ISSA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer since 1998. He works with athletes, marathon runners, acrobatic dancers and with people who simply want to stay fit, lose fat or who need rehabilitation post trauma.

He believes in the balance between mind and body by placing emphasis on increasing strength, maximizing movement efficiency, flexibility and joint mobility. He attains these goals with kettlebells, functional training and body building.

In addition, Antonio can also assist in implementing a solid nutritional component to augment any training protocol. His fitness interests extend to martial arts training – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Shaolin Kung Fu WuShu.


CKT II (Certified Kettlebell Teacher Steve Cotter IKFF)

– 28 giugno 2009 RKC

– 12 settembre 2009 TRX

(Total Resistance Exercises) Suspension training professional

– 12 luglio 2009

CKT II (Certified kettlebell teacher Steve Cotter IKFF)

– 28 giugno 2009 RKC

– 2000 Diploma A.C.L.

I. di Istruttore Fitness e Body Building level II

– 2002 Certificazione ISSA

(Certificazione Internazionale di Personal Fitness Trainer)

– Martial arts:

Shaolin Kung Fu WuShu, brazilian jiu jitsu

– Pancafit