Andy ‘Digger’ Denney

Andy ‘Digger’ Denney

Location: Hertford (London), UK



Andy “Digger” Denney has a passion for functional fitness which is firmly rooted in his real time experience as a Royal Marines Commando and hostile environment Close Protection Officer.

Originally educated as an archaeologist and survival instructor, his take on coaching fitness focuses on stress and natural adaptation. He teaches strength, stamina, flexibility and movement with the ultimate goal being to condition and empower both mind and body; thus yielding the practitioner increased health and vitality for life and for combat.

As an IKFF Certified Kettlebell Instructor and life-long martial artist, Andy knows how to motivate and deliver training with variety and intensity. He has a Diploma in Personal Training and has also received additional training in ante/post natal and older adult populations from one of the industry’s top UK providers. Whatever your physical condition and current level of ability, Andy will help you to achieve your goals.