Amir Karkouti

Amir Karkouti

Location: Carlsbad, CA


Amir has been active all his life.  He has trained in several martial arts forms, including Jeet Kune Do and Muy Thai Boxing.  When not being tough, he is also a seasoned dancer.

With the demands of work and everyday living, Amir has searched for a way to get the biggest bang for his workout buck.  He found his answer in kettlebells and these have transformed his life.  To keep himself in shape and to become more mobile, Amir has focused his energy on implimenting and applying everything he has learned about the art of kettlebells. His passion now is to teach and share this knowledge with others.

Amir’s vision for an ideal workout is one that incorporates mobility, flexibility and functional strength exercises to keep you moving for the rest of your life.  Working out should be an integral part of everyone’s life and he would like to help others make it a part of theirs.