Adrian Leonel Di Domenico

Adrian Leonel Di Domenico

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Adrian has been related to fitness and conditioning for the past 6 years. He already worked in 4 gyms  as a trainer and as a personal trainer as well. Between 2009-2010 he was in Montreal, Canada studying and visiting  Functional Training Centers to share information about training. He also went to Brazil, to research and study how people train there. He holds a CAN FIT PRO personal training specialist diploma, he is also  Personal Trainer specialist in Functional Training with JC Santana’s IHP. Last year he got the CKT Level 1 and now he’s making his own kettlebells.

Nowadays he’s the head advisor and fitness trainer of LA JAULA, the first MMA center in Argentina to have a professional octagon.

For more info, check his company READY.