Pete Williams

Pete Williams

Location: Brighton and Hove, East Sussex

Telephone: +44 (0) 7842 227 473

IKFF Level 1 CKT

When I started to train with Kettlebells it quickly became apparent what an excellent strength and conditioning tool they are. Kettlebells allow you to carry out your resistance training whilst simultaneously working your cardiovascular system. Their design allows you to perform quick repetitions of a lift, being able to easily build volume as well as resistance, which make them a key tool in anybody’s strength and conditioning arsenal.

I love to train and help people achieve their fitness potential. By designing simple and effective training programmes based on functional, Kettlebell and body weight training, I look to not only help clients build strength, endurance and reduce body fat, but to increase their joint mobility, flexibility and range of motion.  My clients are left feeling healthier, more confident in their body and mind and with a better quality of life.

I run Element Fitness, which offers personal training and Kettlebell technique sessions from a private fitness studio in Brighton and Hove.

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